Overland Track Tasmania

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Cross country skiing

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Multi Day Walk
Lake Rhona Tasmania

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Cycling in New Zealand

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Canyoning Mt Wilson

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Do you have a sense of adventure and love being outdoors? Then Brisbane Water Outdoors Club could be the club for you.

We are located on the Central Coast of NSW and our activities include abseiling and canyoning, cycling and mountain biking, kayaking, cross country skiing, snow shoeing and walking. Social activities such as dinners and movies are also popular.

Some of our trips are local but we travel far and wide to find beautiful places to have adventures. Most activities are on the weekend but there is a regular mid week exploratory day walk, some overnight mid week walks and multi day activities.

Visitors are welcome to come along to a monthly General Meeting, Contact Us or check out the calendar. If you find an activity that interests you, contact us and your information will be passed to the Leader who will contact you.

Use these links to take you to our Facebook pages where you can see the latest photos and videos taken on our trips:

Facebook page

Facebook Group page

BWOC is an organisation that supports inclusiveness. Everyone is welcome to talk to a Leader about participating in an activity.

In the snow