Goulburn River overnight walk
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Does the thought of walking in untracked country where it looks like no man (or woman) has been before intrigue you? Or do you scan topo maps planning new adventures but you're frustrated that your friends "just aren't into that"? Then again, maybe you'd like to try canyoning or abseiling but don't know where to start!

Well, we might just be the club for you. We're located on the Central Coast of NSW and our calendar of activities includes bushwalking, canyoning, abseiling, kayaking, mountain biking and occasionally skiing and snowshoeing. Or sometimes we just chill out at a restaurant or movie night.

Some of our trips are in national parks in the Blue Mountains (or further afield), so be prepared to travel! We do cater for those who don't like to walk off-track and there are plety of walks on offer on tracks and trails, but if you don't mind an off-track adventure, we're into that too!

If you like the thought of abseiling but haven't tried it yet, the Club holds regular practise days so you can "have a go", for that matter, even if you already know how to abseil, you'll still need to attend one of our practice days before we take you out into the field.

Visitors are welcome to come to our monthly General Meetings. Come along and check us out!

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Bushwalking, abseiling, cycling and kayaking on the Central Coast - are you up for the challenge?